Jordan Price Wall Gray Jones & Carlton, PLLC

Frank Gray
General Counsel and Lobbyist
1951 Clark Avenue
PO Box 10669
Raleigh, NC 27605-
Phone Number (919) 828-2501
Fax (919) 831-4484
Email 654e20c4-ee1a-46ae-b0f8-f9d4aa0ccd18
Company Description

The law firm of Jordan Price Wall Gray Jones & Carlton, PLLC, has been in business for over 65 years. The Firm traces its roots to 1951 when John R. Jordan, Jr. left the Attorney General's office to start his own practice. Throughout the years, the Firm's practice areas and clients have grown and evolved significantly. A commitment to results and excellent service has remained constant. With 15 attorneys, the Firm concentrates in the areas of forming businesses, buy/sell agreements, employment law, wills and estates, hospitality law and legislative representation.  For a more complete description, please visit the Firm’s website:

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